Health Professions Advisors oversee and advise clubs within the Health Professions Student Association (HPSA) as well as the Pre-Veterinary Club.

We highly recommend joining multiple clubs to network with peers and gain access to the many valuable opportunities offered through each student organization.

Health Professions Student Association (HPSA)

The Health Professions Student Association (HPSA) is comprised of multiple pre-health student clubs and organizations. The HPSA is divided into two major branches: the HPSA Medical Branch and the HPSA Rehabilitation Therapy Club. Within the two major branches, individual clubs meet to host profession-specific speakers (including graduate school admissions representatives, local practicing professionals, etc.) and discuss current issues in each given professional field. Club meetings are typically held every other week and all current or former CSU students are encouraged to attend. It is highly recommended that interested students attend multiple club meetings across health professions to explore many different career paths and learn more about the interprofessional nature of healthcare.

Organization of the HPSA:

Club meeting dates and locations are included on the Health Professions Advising events calendar and also published weekly in the Health Professions Happenings Newsletter.

To learn more about club events and resources, subscribe to the Health Professions Happenings Newsletter and/or visit each student organization or individual club website listed below:

HPSA Medical Branch HPSA Rehabilitation Therapy Branch
Pre-Dental Pre-Occupational Therapy
Premedica Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Optometry Music Therapy Student Association*
Pre-Student Osteopathic Medicine Association*  

*The Music Therapy Student Association and Pre-SOMA clubs are not officially part of the HPSA, but are closely affiliated partner clubs.

Pre-Veterinary Club

The CSU Pre-Veterinary Club is one of the largest clubs on campus with an average of 250 members.  The officer team provides bi-monthly speakers and multiple monthly activities, including exploration of the veterinary field, community service and fun events. In the spring, one monthly meeting will provide hands on experience in the veterinary field. Their premiere event is the annual Pre-Vet Day held each fall in October. A full Saturday featuring lectures, hands on labs and a CSU veterinary student panel.  The Club is a great way to learn about the profession, meet new friends, find study buddies and share your passion for helping animals.

Learn more about the Pre-Veterinary Club through the club website here.