The following is a very general timeline for students to prepare for professional programs while at CSU. Health Professions Advising is available throughout this entire process.

Getting Started

All students considering a career in the health professions should explore their interests and health care with clinical experiences. If you are undeclared and unsure of which major to pursue, take general AUCC courses, explore your major options and meet with your primary advisor for guidance choosing a major that best suites you. You can choose any major and pursue a career in health care.

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Join a health professions student organization, consider education abroad, track volunteerĀ and clinical hours, create a resume/CV and verify a graduation plan with your advisors.

Take advantage of summertime! Summer is a great time to develop yourself outside of the classroom. Explore summer opportunities and internships in a health care setting or find programs of personal interest that will provide unique experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Check out the Summer Volunteer Opportunities page for several Colorado programs.

Next Steps

Define your timeline. You will apply for most health professions programs over a year in advance so plan accordingly. Consider whether or not you will take a gap year (or years). Plan and prepare for the appropriate entrance exams (MCAT, GRE, DAT, etc). Build relationships with faculty and clinicians for mentorship and future letters of recommendations.


When you’ve finalized your timeline, take the appropriate standardized test, write your essays, request letters of recommendation, and complete the online application. Schedule an appointment with your Health Professions Advisor for guidance and feedback during this process.