There are a multitude of approaches students use to prepare for the MCAT. As we want you to succeed here are some resources to help you start.

Altius Test Prep

Altius has a style of providing tracks that vary in their duration with some that run throughout the calendar year, while others are more condensed and accelerated, in design to be completed in a 4-month time frame. The program also has a configuration for those who need more flexibility additionally, Altius offers materials for self-paced instruction. They also offer tracks that are structured with a focus on group interaction and collaboration to help them learn the material. Click this link to learn more information on their website.

Blueprint PrepDiscount Available for Blueprint Prep

Blueprint offers options to study on the student’s own schedule and terms. It places an emphasis on flexibility to help them prepare for the MCAT. It has various options of how to study virtually. These range from live online courses to recorded lectures that can be watched at their convenience. Blueprint also offers a condensed 1-month immersion track. This schedule is designed to prepare students for the MCAT within a 30-day duration. Click this link to learn more information on their website.

Kaplan Test PrepDiscount available from Kaplan for Online Live sessions!

Kaplan offers a range of options from in-person to virtual tracks to prepare students for the MCAT. It allows them customize their path or track of study for the MCAT. Their range of options gives flexibility to be able to learn in a format that fits the student’s learning habits and schedule. Kaplan also offers an accelerated track where students study within a 6-week time frame. With this configuration, it is an in-person class format schedule to help them get through all the details they would need for the test within a 6-week timespan. Click this link to learn more information on their website.

Princeton ReviewDiscount available for Princeton Review

Princeton Review has built an approach of how they support students as they begin their preparation for the MCAT. To start off with, an assessment is given that helps Princeton Review understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on those results Princeton Review builds a personalized track on a set schedule to help them in those areas that may need more emphasis and enforce areas that they excel. Students are given a practice exam every 2 weeks to help them gauge their progress with the idea that by the time they sit for MCAT they will feel confident and prepared. Click this link to learn more information on their website.

Additional Resources

Feel free to also checkout these additional resources for test prep.

If these options aren’t fit for you and you are having trouble finding a resource to help you please feel free to email your assigned health professions advisor to help find other recourses and ways to help you succeed on the MCAT. Good Luck and Go Rams!

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