Clinical experience is not only strongly encouraged to confirm your health profession of interest, it is an admissions requirement for many professional schools and programs.

CSU students are encouraged to explore opportunities for shadowing and clinical experiences by volunteering, contacting health professionals directly, through student organizations, or by applying to participate in the UCHealth Volunteer Program. Additionally, many opportunities are announced through the Health Professions Happenings Newsletter.

UCHealth Volunteer Program

Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies in collaboration with CSU provide undergraduate students the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of departments including the emergency department, urgent care, surgical units, and diagnostic labs.

Student are required to:

  1. *Meet with a CSU Health Professions Advisor
  2. *Submit a pre-application to the Health Professions Advising Office
  3. *Submit an application with references to UCHealth
  4. *Attend an Informational Overview at the hospital
  5. *Commit to fulfilling a minimum time commitment of volunteering (typically 6 months or ~2 terms, 2-3 hours/week).

UCHealth Hospital Volunteer Program – info sheet. To learn more and apply to the program, contact a Health Professions Advisor.