The essays allow students to creatively express who they are as an applicant and future professional. They are an integral part of an application and often strongly influence which applicants receive interviews. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that essays are well thought out and well written.

Personal Statement General Helpful Hints and Tips*

Do not wait until the last minute. Go through several drafts.

Highlight specific, unique accomplishments of which you are proud. Provide details! Show, don’t tell.

In general, focus on recent experiences and accomplishments (i.e., since beginning college).

Be careful not to repeat verbatim information found elsewhere in your application.

Be interesting and engaging.

Verify that there are no inconsistencies between your personal statement and the rest of your application.

PROOFREAD. Then proofread again. Then proofread some more. Then have others proofread for you. Then proofread one more time.

Do not even think about plagiarizing.

Consider having a central theme to your personal statement to organize your writing.

BE YOURSELF. Make sure the personal statement that you submit is: 1) reflective of your personality; and 2) in your own words (not those of your editors).

Be prepared for the fact that your personal statement and secondary essays will be conversation material for your interviews!

*adapted from Johns Hopkins University


Health Professions Advisors are available to review your personal statement. They will try to give you feedback as quickly as possible, but please plan for a maximum of two weeks for their response. In addition, you may utilize the CSU Career Center or the CSU Writing Center for assistance developing, writing and editing a strong personal statement.