Choosing a Major

“What major should I choose if I want to go into health professions? What major looks best when I apply to professional school?”
These are very common questions from students, and there is a common misconception that there is a “best” major for pre-health students.  While professional health programs require students to have a solid background in the basic biological and physical sciences, they neither prefer nor recommend any particular undergraduate major. The required prerequisite and recommended courses can be completed in conjunction with any undergraduate major at Colorado State. The majority of pre-health students choose to major in a biologically-based major because that is where their interest lie. However, we have had many successful students go on to professional health programs with majors as diverse as anthropology, business, engineering, foreign languages, and visual arts. There is no “right major” for preparation for a health professions program; there is only a right major for you. Therefore, you should choose a major that is of interest to you and includes coursework that you would like to study during your undergraduate career.
Health Professions Advisors can help you select the courses that will meet the requirements for your health professional program that may not be part of your major.

Know your ABCs

Regardless of major, students who plan to continue their education in a health professional program will work with Health Professions Advisors to satisfy the “ABCs” below.

Academics: strong GPA & appropriate classes

Background: research, volunteering, campus involvement and experiences that demonstrate compassion, leadership and communication skills.

Confirming Clinical Experience: volunteer and/or paid experience in healthcare, shadowing and informational interviews with health professionals