Health Professions Advising at CSU

  • Your path to a career in a human or animal health profession can be complex. A Health Professions Advisor can help you prepare for a professional program and set you in the right direction.

Health professions students have several academic advisors available to assist them:

  1. CSU Academic Advisor (Primary Advisor): Guides the student toward successful completion of her/his Bachelor’s Degree at CSU. To find out who your CSU Advisor is, log into RamWeb.

Health Professions Advisor (Secondary Advisor): Assists the student in preparation for a health professional program.

CSU Health Professions Advising

Health Professions Advising at CSU is available for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare professions or veterinary medicine. Students are encouraged to meet with health professions advisors once a semester during undergraduate study. Advising is available in one-on-one sessions and through other services offered by the Health Professions Advising office.

To make an appointment, call the Collaborative for Student Achievement at (970) 491-7095 and request to schedule a meeting with a Health Professions Advisor.

Services provided in one-on-one advising sessions include:

  1. Course selection and pre-requisite planning
  2. Co-curricular and extracurricular activity planning
  3. Personal development enrichment and opportunities
  4. Understanding graduate and professional program requirements and policies
  5. Application assistance, including:
  6.         Application review and feedback
  7.         Personal statement assistance and feedback
  8.         Interview preparation and practice

Other resources/services offered include:

  • Information sessions
  • Weekly newsletters (Health Professions Happenings)
  • Student organizations: Health Professions Student Association clubs and Pre-Vet Club
  • Graduate and professional program visits and presentations
  • Mock Multi-Mini Interview (MMI) sessions for practice and feedback
  • Personal statement workshops
  • And more!
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