Health Administration


Health Administration is concerned with the business side of health care.  Those who work in health administration or management plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care.  There are many different career options under the larger umbrella of health administration.

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CSU Recommended Coursework

Students interested in this field are encouraged to earn a masters degree in health administration, healthcare management, or health policy.  These degrees can vary in their title (MBA, MHA, MS, MPH) and focus.  The pre-requisites for health administration graduate programs include a bachelors degree in any field of study.   Students considering health administration as a career are encouraged to take classwork in economics, business, finance, marketing, policy, and organizational behavior.

Programs and Preparation

·         Association of University Programs in Health Administration (both undergraduate and graduate programs):

·         Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management Education (only graduate programs):

Accredited Programs in Colorado: 

·         Masters Level:  University of Colorado – Denver:

·         Bachelors Level:   MSU-Denver:

Admissions Tests

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·         Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration:

·         American College of Healthcare Executives: