Health Professions Advising at CSU

  • Your path to a career in a human or animal health profession can be complex.
  • A health Professions Advisor can help you prepare for a professional program and set you in the right direction.

Health professions students have several academic advisors available to assist them:

  1. CSU major advisor (Primary Advisor): Guides the student toward successful completion of her/his Bachelor’s Degree at CSU. Prior to declaring a major, students should meet with an Undeclared Advisor. To find out who your CSU Adivor is, log into RamWeb.
  2. Health Professions Advisor (Secondary Advisor): Assists the student in preparation for a health professional program.

Role of Health Professions Advisors

  • Assist students in identifying professional school prerequisites and choosing appropriate CSU courses.
  • Guide students through the application process of specific professional programs in which the student is interested.
  • Advise the CSU Pre-Health Profession Clubs.
  • Suggest volunteer and community service opportunities and provide information from national health profession organizations.
  • Refer students to on-and-off-campus support sevices.

Pre-Vet Advising

  • If you are interested in Veterinary Medicine and are an enrolled/future CSU student or a high school student, please schedule an appointment with Ann Bowen, our Pre-Vet-Advisor, by calling (970) 491-7095.
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in applying to CSU College of Veterinary Medicine, contact (970) 491-7051 or email

Human Health Professions Advising

  • If you are interested in a human health profession, please schedule an appointment to meet with a Health Professions Advisor by calling the Collaborative for Student Achievement at (970) 491-7095.
  • NOTE: Health Professions advisors do not see students on a walk-in basis; we see students by appointment only. Please contact the Collaborative for Student Achievement at (970) 491-7095 to set up an appointment.