Week of April 13th, 2020

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AACOM (the Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine) has announced that they will accept pass/fail/satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades and online courses (including labs) for prerequisite requirements due to the COVID-19 crisis. Schools have also committed to reviewing your application and extending an interview invitation prior to receiving your MCAT score. Most schools will still await required MCAT scores before extending an offer of acceptance. You should still register for an MCAT test date, even if it’s later in the summer, and submit all the rest of your application materials as early as possible after AACOMAS opens for submission. All schools are also considering reducing the required number of health care experience hours and other extracurricular experiences you planned to complete. Always feel free to check out the AACOM Coronavirus Resource Center for more information and updates.

MCAT test dates have been cancelled through the end of May due to the evolving health and safety risks of coronavirus. If you were scheduled to take the MCAT on one of these dates, you will be contacted by AAMC to re-schedule. They will be adding additional test dates later in the summer, and more information about this will come next week.

The Chemistry is not planning on teaching CHEM 344 this summer due to all courses being moved to online. To account for students who were planning to take the course this summer, the department is taking steps to add more seats for fall sections so capacity meets the summer and fall. The department is planning to keep all other course offerings this summer as planned. 


Helpful Resources:

Health Professions COVID-19 Related Links & Information from the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP)


Relevant CSU Opportunities:

Campus Connections
Is recruiting mentors for Fall 2020. Benefits of the program include: developing professional skills, earning upper division credits, developing leadership skills, participating in research, enhancing your interpersonal skills, engaging in service-learning for credit, increasing community involvement, increasing self-esteem, and improving graduation rates. Checkout this short video about the program and click here to learn more about the program/apply.
Application deadline: April 15th 2020

Passport Scholarships
With the help of many organizations and individuals, CSU is happy to share funding for passport scholarships. Learn more, and apply here.
Application deadline: Tuesday September 8th 2020


Relevant Virtual Opportunities:

Princeton Review's Tutor.com Webinar
Anytime, Anywhere 1:1 Academic Support. The Princeton Review invites you to please take a break on Thursday, April 16th to learn how The Princeton Review’s Tutor.com online academic tutoring service helps support your mission and helps students realize admission to medical school. Register here
Thursday April 16th | 1:00-2:00 pm MST

American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine 
American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine is thrilled to announce our first National Open House Day for aspiring medical school students! AUA's hosting an online webinar that's all about answering questions. Don't expect a lengthy, boring PowerPoint presentation. No one likes those. This webinar is geared more toward answering detailed questions from prospective students, hearing alumni success stories, and really giving students the information they need to make an informed decision about medical school.This event isn't about us - it's about you and the students you advise, and determining whether AUA is the right Caribbean medical school for their specific educational needs. Register here
April 18th | 11:00am MST

InGenius Medical School Webinar
With everything going on, we’ve been thinking a lot about this year’s medical school applicants. The med school admissions process is difficult enough, but due to closures and cancelations, it is now harder than ever. To make this work a bit easier, we’ll be hosting a free webinar called "Taking Advantage of the AMCAS Work and Activities Section." Howard Yan, a Former Admissions Officer from Harvard Medical School, will be hosting this presentation, walking you through this essential section of the AMCAS and discussing how COVID-19 may influence the process. Register here
Tuesday April 21st | 6:00pm MST

Regis University School of Pharmacy "Discovery Session"
Considering earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree? Get to know the friendly Regis University team (virtually) and learn about the engaging student experience and impressive graduate outcomes. RSVP here.
Thursday April 22nd | 1:00-2:00pm MST

Exploring Osteopathic Medicine for Pre-Meds
This virtual event is intended for pre medical students interested in learning more about osteopathic medicine. Join the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) for this in-depth look at the osteopathic medical profession and what it means to be a DO. This virtual event will include panel discussions with live questions and answers from current medical students, practicing physicians, and admissions representatives. AACOM will give an overview of AACOMAS, the primary application to osteopathic medical school, offer tips and tricks on how to ace the AACOMAS application. Learn more, and register here.
Thursday April 23rd 2020 | 12:15pm ET

Relevant Off-campus Opportunities:

Undergraduate Pre-Health Program at University of Colorado Anschutz Campus
We are continuing recruitment for the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Pre-Health Program Cohort and have extended the deadline to May 1, 2020. The Undergraduate Pre-Health Program (UPP) was created in 2006 to increase the number of historically underrepresented students pursuing degrees in health professions and to create opportunities for students to become culturally responsive healthcare providers. If you are interested in exploring professional careers within healthcare, gain real life work experience, hands on internship opportunities and become a part of a growing network, consider the Undergraduate Pre-Health Program. Find more information and apply here

Test Prep 

Altius MCAT Prep
The Elite MCAT Score You Need to Get Into the Med School of Your Dreams is g
uaranteedCOVID-19, cancelled classes, stay-at-home orders...we know pre-meds have a lot of unexpected things to worry about this summer.  Fortunately, there's one thing you don't have to worry about - your MCAT score.This summer, Altius offers students both the comfort that comes from using an MCAT system with a 15-year track record of groundbreaking MCAT scores (mean score = 90th percentile), and a guaranteed minimum 10-Point MCAT Score Improvement. Find more information here

Princeton Review Tutor.com MCAT prep
The Tutor.com Medical School Booster Program can :

• Reduce student stress and anxiety by offering educational support anytime, anywhere they need it.

• Build student confidence by helping them more quickly get past unexpected homework and study hurdles.

• Improve matriculation rates by fostering mastery of material leading to higher grades and better MCAT scores.

• Show additional commitment to student success by providing additional high-quality, versatile support resources. 

• Further solidify your institutional mission by helping to grow a larger population of medical professional alumni.
Prefer a private consultation with our Education Partnership team?  Schedule a meeting that fits into your busy schedule here

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